Feminized Collection

These Cannabis seeds are some of the easiest to grow and are guaranteed to produce female plants 99% of the time.

Autoflowering Collection

The easiest and most sensible growing solution for beginner through advanced weed growers.

CBD Collection

At OSS, we do our best to ensure patients of all economic classes are able to afford CBD rich seeds.


Fast growth cycle seeds, perfect for beginners!

With a short life cycle that can be completed in as few as 8 weeks, our Fast are genetically coded to bloom on a expedited timeline with a desirably short flowering period. After just 6 to 7 weeks of flowering, it’s already harvest time. For cultivars grown outdoors, our photoperiod hybrids easily grow 1 to 2 weeks faster than their original counterparts.

Mix Pack Collections

Choose your pack! From 6 seeds!

Beginner Mix Pack (6 seeds)

Buy the Beginners cannabis seeds Mix Pack Collection.

2 seeds of Cheese Auto

2 seeds of Blueberry Auto

2 seeds of Nothern Light X Diesel.

High THC Mix Pack (6 seeds)

Buy the High THC cannabis seeds Mix Pack Collection.

2 seeds of Girl Scout Cookies

2 seeds of Shiskaberry

2 seeds of Critical Purple.

High CBD Mix Pack (6 seeds)

Buy the High CBD cannabis seeds Collection!

2 seeds of Super Silver Haze

2 seeds of Og Kush

2 seeds of Thunderhaze.

Medical CBD Seeds -50% OFF!

We do our best to ensure patients are able to afford CBD rich seeds.
  • Purlple Haze from 5€ each

    Thunderhaze from 5€ each

    Candyland  from 5€ each

Why Choose Us?

  • Worldwide Discreet Delivery

    We deliver our seeds collections worldwide, especially to Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. We have 99% successful delivery rate.

  • Guaranteed Germination

    We guarantee our seeds for 6 months. Our seeds have 99% of germination rate. We replace all non germinated seeds.

  • The Lowest Price

    No other seed bank sells high quality seeds at unbeatable prices. Grow what you love and save money.


as low as 1€ per seed

  • from up to 1000 seeds

    More than a 140 cannabis strains

    Free Worldwide Discreet Shipping

    Contact us to get the best rates

About OSSeeds Bank

Since 2007 “Grow What You Love”

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Original Strain Seeds (OSS) is a cannabis seed bank, at the epicenter of one of the world’s largest marijuana seed manufacturing zones. Our Cannbis seeds are produced by expert weed growers from strains whose rich genetic heritage spans decades. In production year-round, some of our mother plants are at least 20 years old. As a result, we can guarantee that our weed genetics are straight from the source.

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