6 tips to store cannabis seeds correctly

Well preserved, cannabis seeds can last up to five years in good conditions. Cannabis seeds is a vast world in which even the most expert farmer or collector always has something new to discover. Over the years, seed banks have become more and more professional, crossing all types of genetics to obtain impressive results of the highest quality, but choosing a variety tested from one of our trusted seed banks is not always enough to achieve a successful and fruitful strain.

What water its better to use for cannabis plants?

Light, water and soil. A plant does not need anything else to grow green and healthy. Also marijuana, for many nutrients, fertilizers and appliances for indoor crops that exist today in the market. It does not mean that we are disregarding all the existing supplements, nor the modern machinery that helps to facilitate the task of the grower, but if we focus on that and neglect the main elements so that cannabis grows properly, we will be committing a serious mistake.