Located in Barcelona, Catalonia, OSS is a cannabis seed bank, at the epicenter of one of the world’s largest marijuana seed manufacturing zones. OSSeeds Bank or Original Strain Seeds Bank has been providing bulk cannabis seeds to commercial weed growers for more than a decade. Today, we are branching out and removing purchase restrictions from home cannabis growers. Now, you can get the same world-renown, trusted cannabis seeds for your grow that we’ve held in reserve for years. Pure genetics, low prices, rewards programs and all the top cannabis strains.

Genetics from the source

Our Cannabis seeds are produced by expert weed growers from strains whose rich genetic heritage spans decades. In production year-round, some of our mother plants are at least 20 years old. As a result, we can guarantee that our weed genetics are straight from the source.


“some of our mother plants are at least 20 years old”

For Wholesellers and Home Growers

More than 10 years delivering good vibs arround the world. We are a trusted company working since 2007 to preserve marijuana seeds genetics to give the best results to wholesellers and home growers.


“since 2007 delivering good vibs”

We are in Barcelona!

Ronda President Irla, 28 Mataró, Barcelona, Spain