We ship worldwide to U.S.A , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and now South Africa. Western Europe: UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Findland, The Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and more.

Disclaimer: we sell legal seeds for germination or for collectable or preservation purposes. Its your responsability to follow your local laws.

Discreet & Fast Shipping: We send a discreet envelope by Premium Transport with tracking number.

  • Western Europe from 14€
  • USA & Canada: $20
  • Oceania: 19€
  • Rest of the World: This shipping method is only avaible for bulk orders by requesting a quotation (

How long it takes by Premium Shipping?

  • Shipments to USA, Canada & Oceania takes between 8 to 12 business days.
  • Shipments inside Europe takes between 2 to 5 business days.

If you gave us, by mistake, a wrong delivery address, if we recieve your parcel back we can resend it again just by paying the transport fee. Normally it takes more than a month to resend the lost parcel, anyway you can contact us to get a nice discount for your next order.

We had some delivery issues because transport companies couldnt contact to the customers because they have wrong contact details, please make sure you are giving a valid contact details for delivery purposes.

Please contact us if your order does not arrive within 21 business days. If you do not contact us within 25 days after the shipping, we will tag your order as received.

Its not usual but sometimes happens.

We cannot be responsible if your parcel is intercepted and destroyed by customs. As our seeds are very affordable we could give u a big discount for your next order or refund your money partially.


Once you go to our online store you will be able to change currency settings.

Desktop and Tablet devices: go to our online store, select your currency in the up right corner, you will see your current currency, if you want to change it just click and select it.

Mobile Device: Go to our online store, select menu-settings-currency

Yes, we accept credit cards.

How does it work?

1. After ordering we will send u an email with your order confirmation.

2. In less than 24h we will send you an invoice from Said&Done with the total amount, just by clicking “pay this invoice” you will be redirected to our online Card Processor.

3. Once we get your payment we will process your order inmediately.

This payment method is faster than bank transfer but has a little commision fees:

Europe: 3%
Rest of the world: 5%

Please ensure you give us the correct email address.

If your currency is USD we will send u the total amount in USD.

Important notice: please note that this method is not automatic we will process your payment in less than 24h.

In your bank statement will show “Said&Done Samples”.

Your credit card statement will NEVER mention anything related to marijuana.

Many Credit Cards are blocked for purchases outside your country. Just call your bank and tell them you want to be able to pay in a European e-commerce. Please do not mention “cannabis”.

We accept:

Bank Transfer payment

We did but, both companies banned our accounts.

We only refund your money if you dont get your parcel or you cancel your order before we send it. (Bank fees will be paid by the customer)

Payments by cards belonging to Europe will be refunded directly to the customers credit or debit card.

Payments by cards belonging to other countries will be refunded by bank transfer.