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Our seeds have a 99% of germination rate. We do not repackage, our seeds are always fresh.


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Buy up to 1k seeds and get incredible bulk prices as low as 1€ per seed., contact us and ask for a quotation. 


With healthy, feminized cannabis seeds, you can easily control the veg and flowering cycles of your plants, resulting in the desired yield and quality of marijuana you would expect from top-notch weed genetics.To produce our feminized seeds, we hand pick the very best plants. Using a generations-old method, we organically bring about hormonal reactions in the plants. As a result, our mother plants are transformed into female seed producing miracles of nature.


Or automatic, cannabis strains offer the easiest and most sensible growing solution for beginner through advanced weed growers. To create autoflowering cannabis seeds, we take our strongest and most loved strains and cross breed them with cannabis ruderalis plants. Ruderalis is a viney plant that flowers within a certain number of days rather than when you decide to flower it. You can set a clock to these plants, making them so much easier to grow than photosensitive plants..


These strains are the most CBD Rich we are able to get with modern technology and nature. Many bulk seed breeders sell their strains for a mint. At OSS, we do our best to ensure patients of all economic classes are able to afford CBD rich seeds. We never price-gouge, and we guarantee these strains are genuine. Please, browse our selection or contact us for assistance in selecting the right strain for your needs.

  1. CBD Rich Thunderhaze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    Thunderhaze CBD Medical
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00 As low as €3.75
  2. Jack Herer Medical CBD
    Jack Herer Medical CBD
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00 As low as €3.75
  3. CBD Rich Purple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    Purple Haze CBD Medical
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00 As low as €3.75
  4. Liberty Medical CBD
    Liberty Medical CBD
    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00 As low as €3.75