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A perfect blend between indica and sativa, Critical Mass is a huge yielder with a strong, sativa high. Widely grown in warm, sunny climates, Critical Mass is a hybrid between two legendary strains: Skunk #1 (sativa) and Afghani Landrace (indica).


Widely grown in warm, sunny climates, Critical Mass is a hybrid between two legendary strains: Skunk #1 (sativa) and Afghani Landrace (indica). Developed by Mr. Nice Seed Bank, Critical Mass offers huge yields and a highly desirable, old-school sativa high. As one of the strongest strains with the biggest yields on the market, this is a great investment for nearly any outdoor grower.

Growing Details

This strain is famous for its amazingly heavy yields: up to half of a kilo (1.5 pounds) per 1000W light. Flowering time ranges from six to eight weeks. Critical Mass is bushy with very tight node spacing and heavy bud production. Branches will be clustered with buds, and in some cases, completely covered in enormous colas. Because the buds are so dense and the plants get so big, this strain needs excellent ventilation and plenty of room to grow. These plants get so big so fast while in veg that it is recommended to grow this strain outdoors.

Outdoor growers rejoice! This is the ultimate outdoor strain for bumper crops of resin coated goodness. Critical Mass’ colas produce so much marijuana that they get heavy enough for the branches to snap, so use some sort of trellis or training method to keep breakage under control. Give plants plenty of water, sunlight and adequate food and be amazed at the results.

Flavor and Effects

Our original Critical Mass strain is a hybrid that grows like an indica but has the effects of a sativa. If lightly smoked, the high is very activating and induces creativity. If smoked more heavily, you will get a head high that lasts for hours with fierce munchies. This strain is good for relieving migraine pain, nausea, anorexia, anxiety and stress. The smell is pungent yet honeyed with an earthy, sweet and citrusy flavor. This strain is very stable and predictable with an unforgettable high.

More Information
CBD (%) 1%
THC (%) 22%
Sativa (%) 50%
Ruderalis (%) N/A
Indica (%) 50%
Skills Intermediate
Days to Harvest
Day to flower 55
Max Height (meters) 3
Flavour Citrusy, Earthy, Pungent, Sweet
Indoor Harvest (g/M2) 600
Outdoor Harvest (g/plant) 1000
Seed type Feminized

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