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Yumbolt will bring you high up in the hills and let you experience some real Californian sunshine.


Yumbolt brings back that old-fashioned flavor from the fabled hills of Humboldt Co. California. She is believed to have originated from Himalayans in Afghanistan and acclimatized in the mountains of Humbolt County California in the late 70`s. Several generations later in the early 90`s we were blessed with the seeds and then propagated them in Holland. Sagarmatha entered her in a Cannabis Cup and received an honorable mention. An outdoor sample from a customer in 2001 had similar characteristics as the samples smoked in Humbolt in the early 80`s.

Growing Information

We can define it as a pure Indica phenotype and special morphology that unlike most current Indic. Has considerable size and develops its flowering 55-65 days, a little above the standards of current indica varieties This variety adapts perfectly to land farming systems preferably on land and enriched with nutrients and with little contribution of liquid - fertilizer and farming systems , where hydro growing needs to be worked with the EC 3-4 tenths below usual and harvest early to avoid rots due to the high density of its buds. we emphasize the need for few nutrients not manifest in lower production, because this variety of marijuana has a high density and this makes it reaches a considerable . weight for cultivation abroad is required replant in pots of 40 L capacity or more ; and will develop in all its fullness and its maximum production yield.

Flavor and Effects

This is a plant that has ancient flavors, including herbal earthy and metal with reminiscences and a touch of licorice. When smoked gives you an effect of stepping back in time because it reminds us of the real grass of the 70s and 80s Its effect is mostly Indica : it gives us a slight rush at first , but once after 30 minutes envelop us great peace or sleep. Therefore, we recommend that you have prepared the sofa or bed - get ready to couchlock!. This is a variety with a remarkable potential for use as a therapeutic or medicinal marijuana.

More Information
CBD (%) 1%
THC (%) 15%
Sativa (%) 0%
Ruderalis (%) 0%
Indica (%) 100%
Skills Intermediate
Days to Harvest
Day to flower 60
Max Height (meters) 1
Flavour Earthy, Pungent
Indoor Harvest (g/M2) 450
Outdoor Harvest (g/plant) 600
Seed type Feminized

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