Afghan Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaican


Afghan Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaican. Its flavor is very characteristic, it seems that you are smoking a lemonade with a few hints of peach.

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Afghan Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaican is a strain that has been obtained from the crossing of 3 great strains that have a great reputation and that makes this hybrid a powerful Sativa strain.

On the one hand, it continues to maintain the characteristics of the Lao and Jamaica strain, injecting an explosion of happiness and energy that will run through your entire body.

The Hawaiian Afghani strain gives us balance and relaxation to send us on a psychedelic trip thanks to its 20-23% THC.

Many are already those who think in the future that this strain will have thanks to the great genetics contributed by their parents.

The only detail that we must have with this strain is that it is not a strain for beginners since it is not an easy plant to grow, but with optimal cultivation, we will obtain huge harvests.

Growing Details

This strain is recommended for people with a medium level, never for beginners. It is a plant susceptible to pests and infections.
It also requires constant maintenance in its flowering season, controlling the size with pruning and helping its limbs by giving it support.

If we plan to grow them indoors, we must have adequate vertical space for our vine to grow to the sky. Not for this, we should let them believe uncontrollably. The objective of pruning is to strengthen our plant to obtain a better quality in our buds and in a great harvest.

If we plan to grow them outdoors, we must place them in a place where they can perceive a lot of sun and heat, obtaining a great harvest.

Flavor and Effects

Its flavor is very characteristic, it seems that you are smoking a lemonade with a few hints of peach. Which leaves those sweet citrus touches on your palate.

The first puff gives you a rush of brain energy ideal for when you’re working out and need a little dose of inspiration. Along with the rush of happiness when we are with more people is the time to laugh and not stop.

We could say that this strain has beautiful medicinal properties for people who suffer from anxiety and stress disorders and that it also has analgesic properties for people who have migraines.

It is a strain that will surprise you even with its THC.

Data Sheet

CBD <2%
THC 20% – 23%
Sativa Sativa Dominant
Genetics Afghani Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica
Days to Harvest
Day to flower 8-10 weeks
Max Height (meters) 1.5 – 2
Flavour Earthy / Woody / Tropical / Spicy
Indoor Harvest (g/M2) 400-500
Outdoor Harvest (g/plant) 600
Seed type Feminized

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Type of Seed

Feminized, Photoperiod


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