AK 47 Fast Version


Is a Sativa dominant strain which is quite unusual. Despite being very Sativa, her Indica influence is quite prominent.

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AK 47 Fast Version is a Sativa dominant strain which is quite unusual. Despite being very Sativa, her Indica influence is quite prominent, and her many accolades include finishing second in the Indica category at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Growing Information

AK 47 Fast Version is a high-quality strain that has a Sativa dominance but has an Indica structure thanks to its lineage. It is a compact plant that reaches up to a meter in height with large tails where they are full of large flowers with long orange pistils that highlight the crystalline mantle of resinous trichomes.

AK 47 Fast Version needs some care and maintenance as it is a plant that tends to rot the buds due to humidity and temperature.

It is recommended to have a relative humidity between 40% and 50% in addition to pruning work to aerate the areas to prevent mold and distribute that energy to our flowers. Temperatures between 64º and 79º Fahrenheit are also recommended.

It is a plant that proliferates both in soil and hydroponics and that for its cultivation the ideal is indoors to better control our plant.

If you decide to plant outdoors, places with a Mediterranean-type climate are best. The AK-47 Fast Version also works well in the Northern Hemisphere during the summer, with harvest taking place in mid to late October.

Flavour and Effect

AK 47 Fast Version is a strain that gives off earthy skunk aromas and when smoked it has a fruity woody flavor with a sour touch wrapped in a musky and spicy fragrance.

A powerful Sativa that provides a mental euphoric stimulus that transforms into a state of happiness and relaxation. Ideal for when we come home from a hard day at work and with a good happy relaxation that even produces a few laughs.

As its effects diminish, our body will feel a great desire to rest in a pleasant place. So it is recommended to use this powerful Sativa late at night.

Data Sheet

CBD <2%
THC 19%- 22%
Sativa Sativa Dominant
Genetics AK 47 x Secret Hybrid
Days to Harvest
Day to flower 45 – 50 days
Max Height (meters) 1.5
Flavour Floral / Fruit / Wood
Indoor Harvest (g/M2) 400 – 500
Outdoor Harvest (g/plant) 500
Seed type Feminized Fast Flowering

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Type of Seed

Fast Flowering, Feminized, Photoperiod




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