Blueberry AUTO


Possibly the most beautiful and exotic cannabis strain. It is an Autoflowering derived from the world famous Afghani.

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A best-seller, blueberry genetics produce uniquely light blue cannabis plants that are dripping in THC and CBD. The exotic fruit and berry flavor, strong blueberry smell and intense head and body high are a favorite of smokers across the globe. As an automatic flowing strain, this is easy for growers of any skill level.

Growing Information

Plants take about 70 days from seed to harvest, and they will autoflower after about 25 days. Automatic flowering strains are the easiest to grow, as they require no changes in light cycles. Simply plant the seeds, water when necessary, give them plenty of light and watch them grow.

Because this is an indica heavy strain crossed with cannabis ruderalis, these plants are very compact. True to indica strains, blueberry autoflowering seeds will produce plants with very tight node spacing. Make sure grow rooms are properly ventilated or try growing this strain outside to prevent mold growth.

Plants grow quickly enough that two to three crops can be harvested per year in lower latitudes. In mountainous regions where growing seasons are short and climates are harsh, this plant is ideal.

Flavor and Effect

Once you try this strain, it is unforgettable. Blindfolded, you would be able to tell it apart from other strains. It tastes and smells strongly of blueberries and has a sweet yet slightly bitter aftertaste. The brilliant blue color is a novelty, and fun at parties. The high is heavy and very typical of strong indica strains. Great for anxiety, muscle spasms and pain, this strain is nearly equal parts CBD and THC. Blueberry autoflowering strain is great for daytime smoking, as it is activating when used in moderation. The high is very long-lasting.

Data Sheet

CBD <2%
THC 17% – 23%
Indica Indica Dominant
Skills Blueberry x Ruderalis
Days to Harvest 70 days
Day to flower
Max Height (meters) 1
Flavour Berries / Fruity
Indoor Harvest (g/M2) 350
Outdoor Harvest (g/plant) 40 – 80
Seed type Auto, Feminized

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Type of Seed

Autoflowering, Feminized


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