CBD Cream & Cheese (1:1)


CBD Cream & Cheese (1: 1) is a very well balanced hybrid strain thanks to the mythical Cheese and a CBD strain.

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CBD Cream & Cheese (1:1) is a very well balanced hybrid strain thanks to the mythical Cheese and a CBD strain which will not modify the traits that characterize Cheese.

Most of his notable traits are derived from his father Cheese, including his delicious taste, genetic stability, mold resistance, prolific yields, gentle relaxation, and impressive pain-relieving potential.

Growing Information

CBD Cream & Cheese is a quality strain from which we obtain a plant that can reach 2.40 meters in height. A real beast when we grow it outdoors.

With a robust and thick trunk and short internodes. Its buds are compact and incredibly sticky thanks to its thick layer of trichomes. It is also a plant resistant to mold, which partly facilitates cultivation for those who want to level up and cultivate this marvel of genetics.

Low-stress training techniques such as the Screen of Green (SCRoG) technique can do wonders in getting branches to grow laterally. This creates multiple budding sites which then allow for a much larger harvest. When applying this technique, have the branches spread away from the main trail so that light and air can penetrate the new budding sites efficiently.

CBD Cream & Cheese is a plant that grows both indoors and outdoors.

Flavor and Effects

CBD Cream & Cheese is a quality strain that continues to maintain the aromas and flavors of its original feminized version.

When we smoke that mixture of cheese with a few herbal bursts and accompanied with a touch of acid orange.

Thanks to the CBD content that counteracts the THC values, its effects are not as strong as its original feminized version. At first, you will feel like a brain stimulus hits your head to distribute that energy through your body and create a feeling of soft body relaxation.

Data Sheet

CBD (%) 18%-22%
THC (%) 18%-22%
Sativa (%)
Ruderalis (%)
Indica (%)
Genetics CBD x UK Cheese
Days to Harvest
Day to flower 8-10 weeks
Max Height (meters) 2
Flavour Cheese / Sweet
Indoor Harvest (g/M2) 400
Outdoor Harvest (g/plant) 800
Seed type CBD, Feminized

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Type of Seed

CBD, Feminized




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